JOPLIN, Mo. — In tonight’s Dose of Good News, a special donation today for Freeman Health System.

Students from Bluejacket High School donated more than 70 hand-sewn port pillows for patients in the Freeman Cornell-Beshore Cancer Institute.

This was all part of a service project.

One, personal for Kaylee Beehler, who crafted more than a third of the pillows.

“Five or six years ago, my grandpa was diagnosed with lung cancer, and they had to put a port in him, and I watched him suffer with it. And so when I knew I had the chance to help people that were like him, I stepped on it,” said Beehler, Sophomore, Bluejacket High School.

“To be able to see a need, to care enough about the person in need, and then to respond in such a generous way really speaks to the heart of the students. I think it’s an amazing gift that may not show up in a lot of headlines from a financial standpoint, but will certainly make a profound impact in the quality of life that our patients experience, and I think it’s something beautiful to be able to alleviate suffering in the lives of the people right around you,” said Ryan Melton, Executive Director of Development, Freeman Health System.

In 2020, the students donated port pillows and baby burp cloths to the health system.