STELLA, Mo. — The Stella community honors one of their long-time families today with a mural dedication.

The mural was painted by local artist Sandra Pemberton and was dedicated to Chuck and Doris Dalbom to honor their community involvement in Stella and in Chuck’s memory.

“Chuck and Doris, they’ve been involved in everything. I mean everything. There, from the ground floor of this thing, it was their idea to make this thing happen. And then all we did was get out of their way, and they’ve made it happen. So, it was always a project that they wanted to have happen, and they’re proud of their community,” said Steve Roark, Newton County Tourism Council.

The two played a big role in the town’s history since the 1960s, all while raising a family in the community.

“We bought the Lenz-Carter building, or what was left of it, tore it down, and built it back to specification. And got it on the historic register, and then of course I taught school and Chuck was the principal over here at the school. And we helped build the senior center here behind this building. So it seems like we’ve always been a part of whatever went on. I think Sandra has done a wonderful job, and it shows a lot of the history of Stella. In fact, our church is right there. So we’re very proud of it,” said Doris Dalbom, Wife Of Chuck Dalbom.

The mural shows different times in Stella’s history, something that the Dalbom family has been a big part of for decades.

“The fact that it is dedicated with the recent passing of my dad, you know, it’s just pretty special,” said Clint Dalbom, Son Of Chuck And Doris Dalbom.

The mural was started last august and took about two months to complete.

“I’m just grateful that it gets to happen for them. They’re great people, and they were out here cheering me on the entire time from the very first meetings that we had. Chuck was in there cracking jokes making me feel less nervous,” said Sandra Pemberton, Mural Artist.