State universities differ on raising tuition prices next year

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Some state colleges are looking to raise tuition despite an increase in taxes heading to universities. While other schools don’t plan on raising the cost for the first time in a long time.

Earlier this month the legislature passed a new budget that would increase funding to state universities.

On Wednesday, presidents from those universities were at the state Board of Regents meeting saying what they still need.

All of the six state universities had planned to raise tuition prices next year, now some aren’t planning on raising them as much, and some not at all. 

The biggest increase comes at K-State, at 3.1 percent. Meaning tuition would jump 145 dollars per semester to more than 4,800 dollars total.

Emporia State plans to increase tuition by 2.5 percent, or 64 dollars a semester, but had planned on a bigger increase before the legislature acted.

“Despite the 10 years of budget cuts for higher education until now, and we are just so grateful for what the legislature has done, Kansas schools have been really careful about their tuition increases,” said Emporia State President Allison Garrett.

“Higher education remains a bargain at many of the institutions in this state, including Emporia State, and we think it’s absolutely attainable for families,” she said.

The increase would put ESU at just over 2,600 dollars per semester.

Both KU and Wichita State plan to raise tuition by one percent.

Fort Hays State University hopes keep its tuition as is.

“Once we got the additional funds from the legislature,” said Tisa Mason, Fort Hays State University President. “We went back and looked at it,”

It costs under 2,000 dollars per semester to be a full-time student at Fort Hays State. In 2020, the school plans to keep it there.

“We’re among the lowest in-state tuition in the nation and we really work hard in driving our price down, so since we had the opportunity with some of the additional funds, we were really pleased we were able to take advantage,” said Mason.

One school actually lowered tuition. KU Edwards campus in Overland Park shaved 100 dollars off per semester.

The sixth state university, Pittsburg State, plans to keep its rates the same.

The board is expected to vote on the proposals at their next meeting in June.

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