JOPLIN, Mo. — A year’s worth of collecting pays off for students at an area school, and the House That Love Built.

Students at Stapleton Elementary in Joplin have been collecting tabs from soda cans since the start of the school year. They donated them to the Ronald McDonald House, all 108-pounds of them. The tabs will, in turn, be recyled and the House will receive the money.

But this isn’t the first time students there have done this, the tradition goes back over a decade.

“And we get buckets and they have to fill them as much as they can and we have like extra buckets so they can fill up more and then the class that wins from every grade level then they get like a treat or something,” said Annelise Casey, Stapleton Elementary 5th Grade.

“It feels really good to help others, so it feels really good to be able to have the feeling of it helping families,” said Reagan Porter, Stapleton Elementary 5th Grade.

Not only did students collect pop tops, fifth graders also learned the history behind the organization and the role the facility’s play in the communities they serve.