St. Mary’s Catholic Elementary kids attempt to break world cup stacking record

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JOPLIN, Mo. — Some southwest Missouri kids try to help break a world record.

Students at St. Mary’s Catholic Elementary in Joplin take part in an annual event called “Cup Stacking” with other school kids from all over the world. Not only is setting up and knocking down cups a fun activity, Margie Black says also incorporates hand to eye coordination as well as exercise.

“The students at St. Mary’s are participating in the most people stacking cups in multiple locations throughout the world and so we will record our numbers to that, the goal that they are trying to get are over 645,000,” said Margie Black, St. Mary’s Physical Education Teacher.

Black says the cup stacking tradition started the school year after the 2011 tornado and had taken place each year up until the onset of COVID.

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