JOPLIN, Mo. — An area restaurant isn’t just feeding customers today, they’re also helping feed seniors. The event is called “Slices for Seniors” and is taking place through nine o’clock Tuesday night at Woody’s Wood-Fire Pizza. 10% of all pizza sales and 100% of pie and cookie sales as well as delivery tips are all going to raise money for the Region Ten Area Agency on Aging Meals-On-Wheels program.

“It costs us about $8.50 for each meal that we deliver and the average contribution if I remember right is about $0.39 so we try and make up the gap. We do get some government funding but we want to make sure that anyone that wants a meal we don’t have to turn them away so we have fundraisers during the year,” said Phillip Metz, Advisory Board President, Area Agency on Aging.

And in case you haven’t been able to make it out to Woody’s yet today, they’ll be open until 9:00 Tuesday. They’re located on West 7th Street in Joplin.