JOPLIN, Mo. — It’s water festival season at Joplin’s Shoal Creek.

The annual tradition at Wildcat Glades has it’s staple activities like fishing derbies, river floats and duck races.

People also had the chance to sample local vendors, food trucks, and participate in activities set-up throughout the day.

This morning kicked-off with the annual “Shoe Box Boat Race” for kids.

Three different age groups of kids participated with their decorated creations ready for the river rapids.

Elijah Stubbs was one of the racers in today’s race.

He and his brother went for military-themed boats in honor of their papa who served in the military.

“When we saw this, um, boat race, we saw pictures of other military boats, so since we like military boats, we decided to do another, um, military boat that was different then the ones that were already previous in the race, but one that would look pretty cool,” said race participant, Elijah Stubbs.

“I think this is an excellent opportunity for kids to get out, to have a little bit of competition, but really get to express their creativity, have some fun, and it’s just another really good draw to the festival itself,” said Wildcat Glades Board President, Cameo Harrington.

Elijah went on to have some success with his military themed boat.

He won second place in his age group’s competition.