PITTSBURG, Ks. — A recent donation is helping address pet adoptions in Southeast Kansas.

This weekend the Southeast Kansas Humane Society removed all adoption fees for its dogs.

It was made possible thanks to a grant from the non-profit Petco Love.

Southeast Kansas Humane Society director Jasmine Kyle says, events like these often help remove barricades in the adoption process, as well as bring attention to low adoption rates many shelters are seeing.

Kyle says, “Ours are down to eight percent, which is awful, while intakes are up by 87 percent, so what we see from this data is that there’s more animals than homes right now, and what we’re seeing too when we look at breeds, it’s larger dogs. A lot of people are not adopting larger dogs, and that’s what a lot of shelters are full on right now. So what any animal shelter in our area is needing is new homes for larger dogs, because your top breeds of dogs in Kansas are going to be your labs, your boxers, and those are all the big boys.”
Currently the Southeast Kansas Humane Society is at full capacity.

And there are about 50 animals waiting to get in.

Kyle says it can often take three months to get an animal in the shelter due to declining adoption rates.

If you would like to help, the shelter offers a fostering program, which can be accessed through this link.