September 22 marks National Voter Registration Day!

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NEWTON COUNTY, Mo. — Tuesday, September 22nd, is Voter Registration Day across the U.S.

Helping people register to vote is one of the main purposes of county clerk offices across the show-me state.

In Neosho, Newton County Clerk Tami Owens says it was a busy day in her office, but it wasn’t from people registering to vote. It was people taking advantage of the first day residents could come to her office and vote absentee.

It’s been really busy this morning. We’ve had lines, of course with COVID and social distancing, we do have our sneeze guard in place, masks are required when you come in the court house and then we still have our markers set for six feet across.

Tami Owens, Newton County Clerk

If you missed National Voter Registration Day, you can still register to vote in the November election until October 7th.

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