ANDERSON, Mo. — A simple hallway in Anderson Elementary School gets transformed to meet the educational needs of all students who pass through.

It’s a “sensory hallway” that made its debut this school year.

The space is a main hallway at the school that many pre-k through 5th grade students use… As well as the special education classes and children in the district with autism.

Images and activities are strategically placed in the hallway for sensory, brain, and physical development.
Kids are walking on and jumping around a tree with numbers, some alphabet stepping stones, and a figure eight of colors.

“We designed it so that it can either be used just to pass through and the students can do their physical therapy with it, or teachers can come to the hallway and actually focus on one skill or one physical therapy aspect, or one brain development skill that they wish to concentrate on,” said 1st grade teacher, Shelley Paul.

Teachers started researching the project in the spring before its installation this summer.