Seneca High-Speed pursuit ends at 7th and Main in Joplin

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Missouri State Highway Patrol took over a Seneca Police Department pursuit

SENECA to DOWNTOWN JOPLIN, Mo. — This is the end of a high-speed pursuit. Seneca Police Department observed this driver nearly crash many times and drive on the wrong side of the road.

Possible DWI is one criteria almost all departments agree upon as justifying a pursuit.

As Seneca PD crossed into Jasper County at MO-43, Missouri State Highway Patrol took over the pursuit.

Cpl Michael Gauss of the Joplin Police Department tells Joplin News First in this situation, like others, Joplin officers attempt to stop cross traffic. Working ahead where they believe the bike will travel. Thus avoiding a major crash.

It was a simple but fast path. North Hwy 43, the East on 7th/MO-66. Topping 80 mph through Joplin. At 7th and Main the bike clipped a vehicle.

The yellow sport bike traveled one entire block to 7th and Virginia, one entire block. But the rider only traveled about 75 feet, 1/2 block.

The motorcyle driver was awake and alert, transported to a hospital for treatment of non life-threatening injuries.

This is a developing story. Charges are unknown at this time. Remrnber we always update our stories on our news tab at FSHP.

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