PITTSBURG, Kans. — A number of Humane Society shelters across the country have partnered to rescue and rehabilitate 4,000 beagles. They were all rescued from a pharmaceutical and breeding facility in Cumberland, Virginia called, “Envigo.” 8 are being taken care of at the S.E.K Humane Society in Pittsburg. They’ve been there for a few weeks now. Workers are now preparing them for adoption in the not-so-distant future.

“From the situation of them being force-fed, tube-fed, to being tested on and all that jazz, of course, they were very scared and very shy for those first few individual weeks, but they have so much love and trust that all of them now can be touched and handled by staff. They are playing with toys already at this point. They’re amazing,” said Jasmine Kyle, S.E.K.H.S. Director.

When the dogs are ready for adoption, the Humane Society will post an update online. You can see updates by following this link here.