FRANKLIN, Ks. — People got some insight Sunday on one of the longest running traditions in Southeast Kansas.

The Miner’s Hall Museum held its third monthly presentation for its quarterly exhibit looking into the history of Arma.

Today focused on the early traditions surrounding Arma homecoming.

It began back in 1947 as a celebration of all 15 WWII soldiers from Arma making a safe return.

Homecoming continued to grow over the years to include a carnival, parade and the Arma homecoming queen.

“Back in the day, if you were voted the queen of your class your senior class year, you got to be the queen in Arma Homecoming,” says Linda Blazic Benso, 1960 Homecoming Queen.

“It was very large back in the day in the 50’s, there would be as many as they say 12 thousand people, the Governor of Kansas would come and ride in the parade, we had umpteen floats and bands and all kind of things,” says Mary Lee Tassi Wattelat, 1956 Homecoming Queen.

The first Arma homecoming queen was Gloria Cleland Cowan in 1948.

This year will be the 76th anniversary of Arma homecoming.

It will start on August 12th and last through the 14th.