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JOPLIN, Mo. – This Saturday, October 24, the second Search for Sasquatch at Historic Mintahama will begin at 5:30 p.m. and continue until Sasquatch is found. The first person to take a close-up selfie with Sasquatch and post it on Mintahama’s Facebook page will win a $1000 prize. 

Rain or shine, participants will set out onto the woodland acreage past Lake Mintahama in hopes of capturing the famously elusive creature and cashing in the prize. 

“Sasquatch must be an expert at camouflage since nobody has ever captured him with photography… We believe that there is a Sasquatch on the property, probably very well blended to the woodland environment out there. So they [participants] should expect to find an actual creature and get a close-up selfie with them to win,” said event coordinator Lindsey Luebber. 

There is a non-refundable preregistration fee of $100 and a limit of 115 participants. Participants must be 18 years old or over. 

The money raised for this event will support the Mintahama nonprofit in its campaign to put a down payment on the Mintahama property, located at 7013 Eland Road in Joplin, to reopen as a public venue for camping and education. 

“Mintahama was a Girl Scout camp and we formed a nonprofit to repurchase it and open it as a public camp, so we are fundraising for the down payment amount,” said Luebber. 

Mintahama opened in 1946 and was closed in 2018.  

According to Mintahama’s website, their mission is to “preserve and utilize historic Camp Mintahama while offering lifelong skill-building, education, and leadership through outdoor experiences.” 

“It will be operated as a public summer camp and year round event and education center. We can harness the passion for this property from a large committed group of longtime volunteers to meet our goal of reopening by Summer 2021 for its 75th anniversary,” states the website. 

In May of next year, for Mintahama’s 75th anniversary, there will be another Search for Sasquatch event that will include a scavenger hunt for kids. 

To sign up for Saturday’s event or donate, visit the event page

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