PARSONS, Kans. — Two southeast Kansas schools are uniting to help their local fire department.

Students from Labette Community College and Parsons High School have constructed a fire training box — made from an old shipping container. They did so after the Parsons Fire Department approached the Workforce Education Department at LCC about the project.

The Department has used similar containers at different training events.

“I believe this is very beneficial, it helps our students out with live-training exercises in the welding world and it helps them prepare for the manufacturing we do in this area,” said Travis Brumback, PHS Welding Instructor.

“We’ve never had anything like that, we have our annual fire school where they get to do some of that training where it’s live but other than that they’re going out of town to get the hands-on training.”Ross Harper, LCC Director of Workforce Education

Labette Community College will host its annual Fire School April 29th through May 1st.

Registration can be found by following this link.