JOPLIN, Mo. — The Joplin School District is adding a new program that’s all about the numbers. The district has approved a special education math resource. It will help students in 6th through 12th grades prepare for algebra.

“The goal is to close the math gap for our kids,” said Dr. Sarah Mwangi, Assistant Superintendent of Learning Services.

Tuesday night, the School Board approved the Voyager Sopris Special Education Math Resource.

“The primary resource will be used for our self contained resource special education students. These are students who may not be in a general education math class. They may be in a class speciailized for their needs, ” continued Dr. Mwangi.

They anticipate more than 250 students will take advantage of this program.

“Our teachers who will be implementing this resource will have professional development and be trained. Our students will take placement asssessments and they have different benchmark and progress monitoring assessments throughout the course.”

The district is purchasing more than $30,000 worth of textbooks for the program.

“Right now we are looking at our special education resource students but if this resource is beneficial we will find different avenues where we can benefit our students. It’s really closing that gap, preparing our students for algebra concepts,” said Dr. Mwangi

“I’m excited about bringing in programs that will augment or support what we are already doing in school,” said Dr. Kerry Sachetta, Assistant Superintendent for Operations.

The new program has three levels for students. The district is implementing it this fall.