MIAMI, Okla. — Miami firefighters and other residents are coming together to save a 73-year old antique.

The “Seagrave” is a 1949 pumper firetruck that is currently out of commission. The plan is to raise money to restore the truck. Fire department officials say the pricetag for restoration is about $15,000.

It won’t be used to fight fires again, however. They will use it instead at local parades and other community events.

“The clowns come and they could be driving up in that. We could use it at Christmas parades, other parades. I’m thinking about the big festival they have in Carthage every year, the Fall Festival, you know taking it to stuff like that and letting the guys do it and just promote it.” Kyle Highsmith, deputy fire chief

A cook-out fundraiser is scheduled for April 20th from 11 a.m. to one at the Miami Civic Center.

Those interested, can find more information by following this link.