Sarcoxie Schools hold educational event about harmful habits

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SARCOXIE, Mo. — Vaping, opioids, and other harmful habits that often form in high school are part of the conversation in Sarcoxie.

The school district is hosting Sarcoxie Cares it’s about educating students–decisions they make now and the impact in the future.

Matt Terry, School Resource Officer, Jasper County Sheriff’s Office, said, “These kind of programs we have with the schools and the public we try and do our absolute best to try and educate people on the dangers of drugs and the dangers of abusing drugs, narcotics, prescription medications, opioids, everything it can lead to.”

An educational outreach of the Sarcoxie School District called, Sarcoxie Cares.

Is having three separate programs to educate parents, junior high and high school students about the dangers on two subjects people may have heard about, but maybe not in depth.

Subjects that could alter the lives of students both while in school and after graduation, including opioids.

Austin Dixon, Sarcoxie High School Student, said, “I think it’s a good idea for people to be well informed about the decisions they’re making, it may not be a good decision or a bad decision, I think they should know the effects of it and what it’s doing to them.”

While part of the presentation dealt with opiates and how dangerous and addictive they can be, the other part of the presentation dealt with something else that they’re more likely to encounter and can be just as dangerous.

Zach Staples, Sarcoxie High School Principal, said, “You know there can be some long term health concerns, we’ve all seen it in the news recently where people are experiencing even some catastrophic short term health concerns with vaping, we want to push that information out and make sure all our students and kiddos are informed.”

Staples says there is still a lot of miss information on vaping.

“Educate those kids and let them understand the dangers, let them understand it’s not necessarily an regulated industry and all the fears and things that comes with that from the side of someone who cares about them and their health.”

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