SARCOXIE, Mo. — It’s a taste of life after school for some students at Sarcoxie High School. The campus hosted a “Life Skills Fair” today.

One that covered fun topics like learning to fish — but also paying property taxes and registering to vote. Organizers say they hope their students will take a hard look at the future before those responsibilities kick in.

“Those are kind of things that sneak up on kids when you become young adults. And so we just want them to be a little bit ahead of the game and maybe come out from today saying – what do I need to know more about? What do I need invest a little bit more of my knowledge in so that I can be more prepared?” said April Ellis, Sarcoxie H.S. Counselor.

Some of those decisions aren’t all that far off for the Sarcoxie seniors. The last day of school — and graduation — are barely two weeks away.