JOPLIN, Mo. — If you’re looking to give back to your community over the summer, a nonprofit in Joplin will be happy to put you to work.

Like most nonprofits, the Salvation Army relies on volunteers to help them minister to the community. Officials say you have your choice of several different programs with which to help. Among them, helping to feed the hungry.

“We also have our daily food programs, our daily meal programs that we serve Monday through Friday. Our breakfast and lunch programs. We have our food pantries in Joplin and Carthage, so always needing help keeping those organized, keeping those facilitated. Then here in Joplin we also have our Meals on Wheels program every Thursday evening,” said Nathan Hicks, Emergency Disaster Services & Volunteer Coordinator.

To learn more about the various volunteer options, you can call the Salvation Army at 417-483-5155.