Nevada City Council Meeting

NEVADA, Mo. — The future of Alzheimer’s care facility was front and center at tonight’s city council meeting in Nevada (8/16).

Dozens of loved ones whose family members are residents of “Barone Alzheimer’s Care Center” protested tonight.

After receiving a letter from Long Term Care Interim CEO, Gene Vestal, stating that the facility is going to close on October 31st.

Family members came with signs demanding the center not to close and ask for allocated funds to be checked on.

They also came with the goal of asking the city to fire Vestal.

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Many family members said tonight that if their loved ones were moved from the facility to a nursing home in town, “Moore-Few Care Center,” there would be detrimental effects because “Barone” specializes in treating Alzheimer’s patients.

“They care. You take them out of there and they will die. There is no question about it. I will lose my mom quicker than I have to now and that’s why we’re trying to fight to keep it open because there is misappropriation of funds. This long term board, they are not even paying attention as to what is going on with the families and the residents,” said Cindi Louderback, daughter of a resident living at Barone.

Tonight, Nevada’s Mayor passed a motion for the immediate termination of Gene Vestal, which was approved by all Nevada City Council members.

Vestal’s termination will be put in the city agenda and will be finalized at the next council meeting on August 23rd.

We asked Vestal to comment after tonight’s meeting.

He declined by saying, “I have no comment.”