JOPLIN, Mo. — A Missouri mother of five is announcing she’s running for the 32nd Senatorial District against incumbent Bill White.

Tonight Jill Carter made her campaign announcement at the Joplin Greenhouse and the Coffee Shop.

Carter says she was inspired to run for office after seeing what’s been going on in Jefferson City the past ten years.

“What we hope to accomplish and change is basically having people feel like they are represented. They have the better voice. Right now what happens is we call our legislator if we have a concern. What really needs to be happening is the people need to be represented. They’re the wheelhouse they’re the experts in their everyday life’s what they do. So our farmers need consulted on AG bills and our teachers need consulted on education reform and it needs to happen locally,” said Jill Carter, running for State Senate.

If elected she is hoping to focus on education.