LAMAR, Mo. — A Missouri State representative vying for a seat in Congress makes a stop in Lamar today.

State Representative Sara Walsh is running for Missouri’s 4th Congressional District. Vicky Hartzler currently holds the position but is now running for the U.S. Senate.

Walsh visited the Daylight Donuts shop in Lamar today to hear what constiuents want her to work for in Washington.

She’s the current Missouri House Majority Caucus Chair. And, she adds she comes from humble beginnings — her dad installed floors for a living, she calls her mom a “committed prayer warrior.” Walsh herself formerly worked in a factory to put herself through college, later serving in the nonprofit sector.

“Having served in the Missouri legislature, I’ve found out that having a broad background and having worked in those different fields is wonderful, because not only can you connect with people, but you understand because you’ve walked in their shoes. And so, that’s the best kind of congressperson, I believe, is someone who’s walked in people’s shoes so they can take that and truly represent that in the halls of Congress,” said Walsh.

Walsh will be up against seven other Republicans in the August 2nd primary election: Mark Alford, Rick Brattin, Kalena Bruce, Taylor Burks, Jim Campbell, William Irwin, and Kyle Labruce.

Jack Truman is the sole Democrat running.