JOPLIN, Mo. — An international organization based in Joplin has launched a new network of organizations to help vulnerable children in Haiti access the resources and care they need.

Rapha International is one of five organizations now part of the Haiti Family Care Network. Rapha International works to prevent prevent children from ending up being abused, exploited, and neglected. And, they say, in countries like Haiti, trafficking of children usually begins with separating a child from his or her family.

The organization’s development director says thousands of young people end up in orphanages in Haiti because their parents are too poor to care for them.

“Working towards a transition from orphanage care to family care for at-risk children or unattended children in Haiti. There are over 30,000 children in orphanages in Haiti and it might surprise people to know that over 80% of those kids have at least one living parent,” said Aryn Tanksley, Rapha International Development Director.

The Haiti Family Care Network was launched this month to support a shift towards family based care in the country. But, it’s a large collaborative effort and needs support.

If you’d like more information, or would like to make a donation follow this link here.