Rainfall impacts hay production in Missouri

Local News

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — The dramatic shift from 60 and 90 degree weather has been tough on the hay.

Normally, hay is supposed to be cut in May, but the rainfall forced farmers to wait until June.

While waiting to cut lowers the quality, farmers have to take extra steps in making sure the product is suitable for livestock.

“One of the things the farm did here was that they put up a balayage, and so they were able to take the already mature forage and harvest it at a higher percent moisture rate and so that allows that to hang onto the leaf just a little bit longer so that you’re able to retain as much of that protein as possible,” said Tammy Bartholomew, director of the newly formed Show-Me AG Youth Academy.

With the rain, Bartholomew said it’s a constant battle with farmers trying to figure out when to cut the hay.

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