QUAPAW, Okla. — A shooting in Quapaw resulted in a short standoff and the arrests of two men.

Marshals with Quapaw Nation responded to the disturbance sometime during the evening Wednesday where they found a suspect taking shelter inside a residence at 312 Virginia St. in Quapaw.

The man suspected of shooting a handgun refused to exit at the behest of authorities. In their Facebook post, the Quapaw Nation Marshal Service said they were able to extract this man from the building after a short time.

However, a protective sweep of the building also revealed another man hiding within. He was brought into custody as well.

The first suspect, now identified as 29-year-old Chad Sooter*, was violating the law in possessing a firearm, and faces charges for these violations as well as an outstanding warrant, th Marshals said.

The second suspect, 31-year-old Sampson Hart*, experienced a medical episode and was promptly treated by Quapaw Nation EMS at the scene. This man was also arrested for an outstanding warrant and taken to Miami for further treatment and incarceration.

No injuries were reported in this incident.

*Editor’s note: The names of the suspects involved were not released by QNMS originally and have since been added (June 10th).