PITTSBURG, Kans. — What’s better than having one Master’s of Business Administration?
Two of them.

Students from P.S.U. and those from two schools in France and Taiwan are now able to pick up dual MBA degrees — thanks to a new agreement. Students in the program divide up their studies and complete one year at their home school, then complete their last year at the other and receive one degree from each.

Dr. Bienvenido Cortes says the program is ideal for students from one country wanting to find work abroad, especially if they can pick up the language.

“And and the schools provide that language instruction then again as an American student looking for a job in Europe, having a bilingual background provides them another competitive edge,” said Dr. Cortes, P.S.U. Assoc. Dean & MBA Dir.

Cortes says more foreign students have taken advantage of the opportunity to study abroad than P.S.U. students have, but he hopes that will eventually even out.