PITTSBURG, Kans. — It’s a lesson in the great outdoors for young students in Pittsburg. The Pittsburg State Natural History Reserve is hosting first through third graders in its annual Nature Reach Day Camp.

Today, kids focused on learning about birds. Everything from the things that make them unique, like beaks and wings to what they eat.

Nine-year-old Hayden Roberts found out just how different some birds can be.

“Some other birds really don’t have wings and they can be really fast,” said Roberts.

“I hope by the end of the week the kids are going to be pretty excited about being outside. Some of them start the week a little bit nervous saying ‘oh I’ve got bugs on me’ or something like that and they end up having a really great time. I hope that they will like the unloved animals like snakes or bats,” said Delia Lister, PSU Nature Reach Dir.

This is the second day camp of the summer for the PSU Natural History Reserve.

It will host the third and final camp next week for sixth and seventh graders.