PITTSBURG, Kans. — Some local kindergarteners spent time outside on Wednesday learning all about nature.

Seven kindergartners were a part of Pittsburg State’s Nature Reach Camp at the PSU Natural History Reserve.

“Today, the kindergartners are getting a little taste of what it’s going to be like hopefully next year when they come to our first through third-grade camp, which is Monday through Friday. So, they’re getting a little bit of experience seeing our birds. We just spent some time talking about our pollination, and they got a chance to see some insects up in the garden, and here in a little bit we’re going to talk about some mammals and go on another hike and see if we can find some tracks and signs and things like that,” said Delia Lister, Director of Nature Reach, PSU.

These kindergartners got to learn all things nature, wildlife, and plants.

“So, there’s a little bit of apprehension at first, especially, you know when they’re coming into a new situation and then as they have some time walking around and getting to see a caterpillar or a bird up close, they start to relax a little bit and start getting really more curious as time goes on,” said Lister.

The kids’ favorite part of the day was seeing birds up close, and even a monarch caterpillar building a cocoon.

“We got to see lots of different birds,” said Kinsley, Nature Reach Camper.

“The birds are like, pretty,” said Whitley, Nature Reach Camper.

This one-day camp prepares the kids for a week-long camp when they become first graders.

“And we hope that we can get kids at an early age to realize that, you know, being outside is not scary and snakes aren’t scary, you know, we want them to love the unloved animals and just have a positive experience outside and working with animals,” said Lister.