PITTSBURG, Kans. — April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month — and the Pittsburg community is looking to help the victims that need it most. A new partnership is working to support the students on Pittsburg State University’s campus.

“Whens someone is experiencing violence, either sexual violence, domestic violence, relationship violence, we don’t want them to go through it alone,” said Brooke Powell, Exec. Dir. Safehouse Crisis Center

After working together for over a decade, a formal partnership has been created between the Safehouse Crisis Center and Pittsburg State University. Safehouse will now provide its services directly to sexual and domestic assault victims on campus.

“As far as medical or legal or just support we are here and we will go wherever we’e needed to help that student on campus,” said Powell.

“Relying on Safehouse’s resources more formerly allows us to continue those services, maybe even improve them at less cost,” said Steve Erwin, PSU VP of Student Life.

Help for survivors will continue to develop on campus.

Psu hopes to fill its vacant Campus Victim Advocate position by the beginning of the fall semester.

“We’ll probably modify it some, let it have more of a mental health counseling role, because we do need to deepen those resources for our students, branch out into broader prevention and wellness role, but also have that victim’s advocacy role in it,” added Erwin.

Making sure aid is given to the people who need it most.

“They don’t have to go through these situations alone, they have someone to support them and validate their experiences. It’s just a really important piece in a survivor being able to start the process of moving forward,” said Powell.