The City of Neosho is restoring its floral clock in Big Springs Park at 309 West Spring Street for the third time. According to residents, the clock is known to be a center piece of the park. Unfortunately its experienced several acts of vandalism since 1967. A second clock that looked identical to the first one was created in 2001. According to the Superintendent of Neosho Parks and Recreation, Clint Dalbom, the reasons behind the occurrences are unknown.

“It’s a shame that we have something that means so much to so many people and there are those in the community that sees fit to do damage to it,” Dalbom explains.

But residents continue to put forth effort into keeping it in place.

“You try to preserve history the best you can and if you change it a lot you are changing the history of it,” says Tim Booyer.

Booyer is the owner of “Booyer’s Welding Decorative & Custom” store in Neosho. He is welding the third version of the clock and hopes the mischief doesn’t happen again.

“When people vandalize things that are public then they are vandalizing their own property,” Booyer says.

The clock will show the numbers: 3,6,9 and 12. Welded dots will represent the rest of the numbers. The numbers will be set above ground instead of planted into the ground like the clocks built in 1967 and 2001. This clock will not have a second hand either. These decisions were made in hopes of conserving the product. Making the clock cost less than $1,000.

Dalbom expresses, “I’m looking forward to a piece of history being back in place in an operating condition.”

A ribbon-cutting of the finished piece will happen in March 2020.