Police vs Fire in a charity basketball game where the winner is… Bright Futures Joplin

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◽️ All money goes to help kids have an even playing field in Joplin schools. Bright Futures Joplin helps kids and families so the student can focus on education. ◽️ Dale Peterson, Bright Futures Joplin Coordinator tells us these past two years they have laid low and focused on the kids, and that’s working. (64804) — Howie and Bubba from #KODE12 Good Morning Four States emcee’d the benefit basketball game, Guns vs Hoses. Which included players on the ‘guns Joplin Police Department team, Ethan Schmidt Sports from KODE SPORTS and Chase Bullman from #KSN16 Local News Today.

Dale Peterson, Bright Futures Joplin Assistant Coordinator told us tonight this is a big fundraiser for them (look for a golf tournament later this year). They really appreciate the continued support of the R-8 and also the kind words that Dr Melinda Moss, Joplin R-8 Superintendent, had to share before the ball game. After some controversy in the past with BF leadership, he said these last two years they have laid low and focused on the kids.

And obviously that’s working.

In a ‘who is’ statement on their website BRIGHT FUTURES JOPLIN it states:  “We currently have over 7,000 students enrolled in Joplin Schools. Each one of them has a name, a face, and a story. Over 60% of them live in poverty, but they all have hopes and dreams, and each and every one of them deserves a bright future.”

In a nutshell Bright Futures tries to address the situational and social needs of kids so they can focus on their education. It might be shoes, sack lunches to take home on the weekend, family assistance etc.

“Bright Futures Joplin is about cultural change and building a community where education is important and valued. Each and every student is priceless and it’s up to us to help them succeed. As a community, we are responsible for supporting Joplin children. It isn’t just up to the parents, the schools, the business community, faith based organizations, or human service agencies to respond to these needs. Together, we can use our resources to make a lasting impact. Together, we can make a difference.” #joplinnewsfirst #KODEnews #KSNlocalnews

HOW DID IT END? The Joplin Fire Department comment:  “Great night playing our counterparts in a little roundball action for a great charity. The game ended in a 55-55 tie and was competitive all night, we will see you next year JPD. Thank you Bright Futures Joplin.”

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