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PITTSBURG, Ks. – Today, Nov. 12, the City of Pittsburg partnered with engineering firm TranSystems to host an open house for the East Quincy Street Improvement Project. The open house invited residents to take a look at the project’s plans and ask questions.

The project will be improving one of Pittsburg’s main connectors. The project includes the reconstruction of East Quincy Street from Joplin Street to Rouse Street into a three-lane roadway with curb and gutter, an enclosed storm sewer and sidewalks on each side. The City was awarded a $3.5 million cost-sharing grant from KDOT for the project.

“Quincy Street sees quite a bit of traffic and this portion is what we call a rural cross section… Drainage is a concern and also not having a very wide roadway… It’ll be quite an improvement,” said Cameron Alden, Pittsburg City Engineer and Public Works Director.

Safety is one of the main concerns being addressed within the project, with the expansion providing sidewalks and more.

“Pedestrians especially will see a huge improvement in this, because now we’ll have sidewalk on each side of the street… That’s going to help our connectivity a whole lot for any of our folks that need to get around town,” said Alden.

The profile of the railroad on the street will also be leveled out, with the potential for a silent crossing in the future.

“Once we get that improvement done and get those other crossings with the railroad done, then we can apply for that corridor to be a silent crossing,” he said.

The project is anticipated to begin in 2022 and finish up before the end of 2023.

“We’re planning on starting construction the spring of 2022 and trying to wrap up before the fall of 23, so this isn’t something that’ll be starting tomorrow,” said Alden. “We’re trying to coordinate with PSU, any of the residents along Quincy Street, as well as the church and school district and try to get their feedback so that when we go to bid on this, we’ve got as many concerns addressed before the project gets underway.”

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