Pittsburg State University Students Begin First Day of Classes

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PITTSBURG, Kans — Pittsburg state students, faculty and staff were officially back on campus today, together again.

And it’s not likely they’ll take the experience for granted this year.

Marcie Heatherly, a PSU Junior, spent some of the first day of her junior year by helping others get used to the campus she’s so glad to be back on again this year.

“We’re just assisting kids in where their classes are located, so kids are sometimes wondering what building and what’s the room numbers, so we’re here with our laptops just to help them out, so they’ll give us the class code and then we just send them on the way,” said Heatherly.

And Morie Price can’t wait to start helping people off campus.

“Oh man, this is my first day of grad school and I’m just, I’m so excited like I can’t wait to learn so much new stuff that I can really put in to the field of social work, and really really help kids like impact them, that’s why I’m so excited today,” said Price.

But that sentiment wasn’t just limited to students, staff and faculty say they’re genuinely happy to be back in person and on campus too.

“We’re excited that we’re back in person, students are here, we get to see everybody, I’ve actually had a lot students say this is their first normal semester, and they don’t even know what normal looks like,” said Erin Rivero, PSU Office of Admission

“I am so glad that I’m on campus, in person because you wouldn’t get the same effect if you’re on line and doing zoom calls,” said Price.

And Dr. Howard Smith says there was some good that came out of last year’s remote education, both for faculty and students, introducing more technology in the way subjects are taught.

“Was it stressful, no doubt about it, it was, but I think that it caused us to look and do some things differently, which I think will just make us better,” said Dr. Howard Smith, PSU Provost, V.P., Academic Affairs

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