PITTSURG, Kans. — The Pittsburg Police Department made sure kids got an early start to the holiday weekend. It hosted a unique Easter egg hunt.

Officials with the Records Department hid 48 eggs in parks across the city Friday morning. Inside each one — a note telling the kids and their parents to return the egg to the Records Department — in exchange for a photo with police officers and a goodie bag.

“Myself and a co-worker had the idea, we pitched it to our supervisor and everyone was like ‘Yeah, sure great let’s do it!’ so now here we are trying to figure out how we’re going to be Easter Bunnies. We’re always trying to think of the kids, not everyone is always as fortunate as our families are,” said Alexus Winder, PPD Records Clerk.

Eggs were hidden at Kiwanis, Schlanger, Lincoln and Paul B. Leffler Rotary Parks.

Even if an egg is found after Easter, the Department will still offer toys or candy once they’re returned.