PITTSBURG, Kans. — You may never have heard of investment casting, but we all use products made with that process every day.

The Kansas Technology Center on the campus of Pittsburg State is serving as the location of the 20th annual Investment Casting Institute Certification Program.
PSU engineering technology professor Russ Rosmait says the event draws people from all over the U.S. and even as far away as Mexico.

He says visitors come to learn more about the process of building investment casting molds. There are several good examples of items on campus made from the process.

“The gorilla that’s behind the stadium, that was made by investment casting, the statues that are all over campus. Some people have artwork that is investment cast, that is the typical art side of it. The other side that people don’t necessarily see is when you fly in a plane. The jet engine turbine blades, those are all investment cast,” said Russ Rosmait, PSU Engineering Tech Professor

He says hip and knee implants are also good examples of the process, as are many automotive component parts and even tools and golf clubs.

The event continues into next week.