Pittsburg elementary becoming ‘Flu-ent’ through new program

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PITTSBURG, Ks. — With the number of flu cases increasing across the country, the CDC says school-aged children are one of the groups with a high rate of the illness.

Explains how a local school may have a weapon to help prevent it and lower the number of cases.

Maggie Skakal, Parent, said, “It was a new thermometer, I thought it was something you just need to try.”

Lakeside Elementary in Pittsburg is one of nearly 1,400 schools across the country participating in the “Flu-ency” school health program sponsored by Lysol and Kinsa.

“It’s an app and my son and I have used it and you just sign up and it gets all of your information all of, you know, your name your age. Your child’s name, your child’s age and then when they use it, it connects to the app and all of the information is right there.”

The Kinsa smart thermometer connects to a smart phone and records fevers and symptoms in real-time.

Joanna Rhodes, School Nurse, said, “It’s a great communication tool between parents and myself with the school.

“I receive an email that let’s us know kind of just a look at Lakeside and what’s been going around,” said Skakal.

Lakeside has 270 people in the program and have given out 176 thermometers.

“We have a little over 50 percent of participation so it’s kind of exciting.,” said Rhodes.

“It doesn’t give any personal information but just let’s us know what’s going on in the building,” said Skakal.

Information like how many students have colds, flu symptoms, or allergy outbreaks this week.

“I can help send out information for preventative of illnesses and also help maybe give some guidelines on how to take care of their child,” Rhodes.

And for those who are skeptical, Skakal says.

“Not to be. It’s great, great information. I think it’s very helpful,” said Rhodes.

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