PITTSBURG, Kans. — Pittsburg State University celebrated the completion of a multi-year renovation of the Axe Library on Tuesday (4/26).

Construction on the library started back in May of 2016 and all renovation-projects finished with a total price tag of $6 million.

Over the six-years of changes, the library added new study rooms, bathrooms, a new east entrance, and a new roof. Representatives at Pittsburg State say the ideas for these changes were really a team effort from the entire campus.

“In 2014-2015, we did a lot of surveys and focus groups with students facuilty and staff. And so, alot of the changes that we have are a reflection of the things they said they would like to see made to the library building,” said Randy Roberts, Dean of Library Services.

“Like a big thing I looked at personally whenever I was looking at where I wanted to end up was kinda where I could see myself studying cause I knew that would be eating a lot of my time of the week,” said Isaac Lewis, Pittsburg State Senior.

Roberts also said the Axe Library has more books than ever when you include their online catalog.