PINEVILLE, Mo. — A Southwest Missouri community is in the planning and fundraising stage of trying to build a recreation center. Efforts to bring a rec center to the City of Pineville has been in the works for about six years.

Mayor Gregg Sweeten says the city now owns land behind City Hall and has already been working with architects on the project. It calls for a facility that can not only give young people in town something constructive to do, but be beneficial for every resident.

“We want to make it you know, where it’s from two or three years old, you know when they can first walk until they’re 90 or 100. We want to have the facility that takes care of everyone,” said Mayor Sweeten.

Sweeten says the city can afford to pay for some of the cost of the project, but not all of it. He says they’re looking into the possibility of a bond issue, grant money, or even donations from charitable foundations.

He says a rough estimate for the proposed 24,000 square foot structure could be up to $4,000,000.