Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity members honor legacy of historical man

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DIAMOND, Mo. — Several chapters of the Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity held a tribute to honor the legacy of their fellow brother George Washington Carver.

During this special program, “Unveiling the Connection of George Washington Carver” members showcased a commemorative plaque.

Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity members donated the plaque for display at the George Washington Carver National Monument.

Members worked with the National Park Foundation and Tuskegee University to get images of Carver for the design.

Prior to this addition, there was no presence of Carver’s legacy as a member of their fraternity at the monument.

Members also brought out a group of kids from Kansas City to enjoy the presentation and monument as well.

Eric Wells, Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Alpha Delta Sigma Chapter President, says, “We want to make sure kids understand, and we want them to foster the same ideals just like George Washington Carver. So, when they come to the monument, we want to instill in them that they can do the same thing that George Washington Carver did. So, when they go back home, they can share with their parents’ and family members what they learned here today.”

Chapters represented at Saturday’s event include members from Kansas City, Tulsa, and Springfield.

The fraternity will continue their presence at the monument collaborating with park officials to even offer scholarships in the future.

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