PARSONS, Kans. — Main Street is always an essential part of any town and now one from Southeast Kansas has met a milestone with theirs.

Parsons city officals say this is only the beginning.

“It’s one of those times when you can just say hey, we’ve done something really good here, it’s really something to be proud of, let’s put this on the refridgerator,” said Jim Zaleski, Parsons Director of Economic Development.

It’s been reason to celebrate for Parsons Director of Economic Development Jim Zaleski. Thanks to some new additions, the city has officially filled up Main Street.

“From 16th Street down to the underpass, our Main Street District, we are 100% occupied, every store front is taken up, and it’s not only something you can be proud of, it’s not something a lot of people get to boast about,” Zaleski said. “We’ve had three recent additions, a virtual escape room, we’ve had a ladies skincare products, and a newest one was a cigar bar.”

“I was just excited for the opportunity to follow a dream, and then to be part of the success of the community, makes me feel like I’m giving back,” said David Steward, Free State Cigars Owner.

Zaleski credits this success to the recent resurgence in entrepreneurship — several of these business owners have taken the chance to become their own bosses.

“What you’ve seen is a renewed spirit of entrepreneurialism. People are saying, ‘you know what, if I want to work for someone, I want to work for myself,'” added Zaleski.

Now officials are working to explore options to further expand it’s Main Street success.

“We need to think about now, how do we expand one block North-South, how do we expand two blocks East-West,” he said. “We’ve got three lots available right here on Main Street in the downtown, we also want to look at the building one block North and one block South, they’re good structural buildings that just need a facelift.”