PARSONS, Kans. — A Parsons man was arrested last weekend on domestic violence charges and more after he was seen dragging a woman by her hair.

After receiving a call describing a man dragging a woman by her hair into an apartment building officers with the Parsons Police Department responded to the scene at 1500 block of S. 25th St. in town.

At the apartment they met with the renter of the apartment who told the officers that no one was present. Further questioning of the renter revealed that two individuals were hiding in the apartment, one of them, a 19-year-old woman met with the officers at the door.

The other person in hiding, 34-year-old Bobby James Duhart, also met with police. However, when authorities found Duhart had an active arrest warrant out of Montgomery County he attempted to flee from the second floor window but was caught and brought into custody.


Duhart was booked at Parsons Police Department with charges of Kidnaping and Domestic Battery sent to the Labette County Attorney’s Office. Video evidence captured by witnesses corroborated the initial report heard by officers.