PARSONS, Kans. — A warning for swimmers and lake-goers in Southeast Kansas. Stay away from parts of parsons lake, at least for the time being.

The lake is under an algae bloom warning. This comes after the beach at Parsons Lake closed last week due to excessive erosion that revealed a hazard beneath the sand.

The beach is now closed due to the algae because it could make people or pets sick.

Anyone in contact may complain of nausea, rash, breathing problems, and other unexplained illness.

“This happens when you have long extended periods with no rain, very little movement of the water, and high heat, which we’ve all been feeling the last couple of weeks,” said Jim Zaleski, Parsons PIO & Economic Development Director.

Fishing and boating are still allowed, especially if done away from the bloom.

Fish should be washed thoroughly and the insides should be discarded.

Skiing or jet skis are not allowed.