Parsons burglary suspect painted face black in attempt throw off police

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PARSONS, Kans. — Authorities found the second suspect of a Parsons burglary duo on Friday despite his best efforts to conceal his identity.

While visiting a home to conduct follow up investigations into the November 16th case, authorities heard a crash in the garage during talks with the landlord who claimed no one is supposed to be in there.

Upon first look at the scene, officers thought there was a black male and female in the garage. Later it was discovered Christopher Harold Hilton, the wanted suspect, had painted his face black in an attempt to hide.

Hilton was arrested by Detective Kyle Wilford on a Neosho County Warrant and for connections to the November 16th Burglary.

The Parsons Police Department is requesting the charges of Burglary, Theft, Criminal Damage to Property for Hilton. Charges have already been filed on counterpart Lazarus Hinman who was arrested on the 16th.

Parsons Police Chief Robert Spinks added that Hilton has been seen on resident’s home security systems and ‘lurking around in alleys at night.’

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