Paddle With Your Dog event helps dog owners get their pets comfortable with water

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JOPLIN, Mo. — Families spent some quality time with their furry friends during a session of Paddle With Your Dog.

Dog trainer Denise Holmes first demonstrated to everyone how to train their pets to feel comfortable on a mat.

Then they moved their pets to the paddle board to show them not to be afraid of the water and to also gain their trust.

The main goal of the event was for owners to enjoy the great outdoors in the water with their pets.

Denise Holmes, dog trainer, says, “Very into people being able to do things with their dogs. Basic obedience is all fine and good but if all you ever do is keep your dog locked in the house, that is not a dog, that is a hostage. I think most of us get dogs to be able to go and do things with their dogs.”

Holmes adds that Saturday was her first Paddle With Your Dog session in Joplin.

Due to so many enjoying the event, she is planning on holding another.

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