What was once just a pile of burning leaves, this fire quickly spread to surrounding brush and trees due to high winds and dry conditions.

JOPLIN, Mo. — Burning on a day like today could easily land you a fine and a appearance in court.

The National Weather Service currently has an active “Wind Advisory” for all of our area.

Combine that with “elevated fire weather conditions,” and a “no-burning” status in place by the Joplin Fire Department; choosing to burning a pile of leaves in your backyard, for example, could easily turn into a very dangerous, out-of-control fire.

Joplin Fire Marshall, Dale Brooks said that ignoring the city-wide burning status and starting an outdoor fire (even if you feel it’s under control), could cost you a fine.

Fire Marshall Brooks said it’s not uncommon for him to write citations to those who choose to burn outdoors when there’s a burn-ban in place, or when a burning permit is not acquired.

Brooks also said that if city firefighters are called to extinguish a fire that becomes out-of-control on days like today, the Joplin Police Department can be called in to write a citation and issue a court summons.

Elevated Fire Weather Conditions – Thursday & Friday

The National Weather Service (NWS) office in Springfield, Missouri has the responsibility of forecasting, not just atmospheric weather conditions, but fire weather conditions for our area.

Through tomorrow (4/8), the NWS is warning of elevated fire weather conditions, as well as a Wind Advisory.

“A dry airmass and strong winds will be in place today and Friday (4/8). Where outdoor vegetation is dry, an elevated fire danger is expected. Winds will also gust to around 40mph in some places,” says KODE-TV Chief Meteorologist, Ray Foreman.

In the video below, Foreman explains why early Spring for our area is turning out to be a dry and dangerous one, especially when it comes to outdoor burning.

Foreman says you can expect winds to die down for Saturday, however breezy conditions will return for Sunday.

For a look at his latest forecast, click here.