JASPER COUNTY, Mo. — A professional mixed martial arts fighter takes a few hits to the face, but lucky for this Joplin native, we’re not talking punches.

MMA pro, Teejay “Bad Newz” Britton, took some lickin’s from “Camp Quality Ozarks” kids.

Tee-Jay got what was coming to him when he told Camp organizers that he’ll take some pies to the face, “only if Camp Quality of the Ozarks could raise a thousand dollars.”

As you can see in the video, they raised the money and Tee-Jay kept his word.

Armed with plates full of whipped cream and a few blueberry’s to top it off, nearly a dozen kids from the Camp gave the pro fighter their best “pie in the face” punch.

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Teejay expressed his excitement for this career first.

I’ve been punched in the face a few times being a professional MMA fighter, but I’ve never been pied in the face. I’ve always laughed at people getting pied in the face so I guess the joke’s on me now (laughs). But, they raised a thousand bucks so here we are! But I’m pretty excited; I’m excited that they got the goal, and then I’m a little bit excited about getting pied in the face too I guess.

TeeJay “Bad Newz” Britton – Professional MMA Fighter

Pie throwing was just part of a larger event held for local Camp Quality kids on Tuesday (6/28).

Mooberry Farm in Jasper County hosted an evening of fun, which included blueberry picking and kick-ball.