JAY, Okla. – The next time you are tempted to ignore a jury summons – think again.

District Judge Barry Denney issued three warrants on Friday for failure to show up for jury duty in his Delaware County courtroom.

Kristalin D. Keene, of Bernice, Wesley Gonzales, of Grove, and Bryan Wesley Hardisty, of Jay, were all charged in Delaware County District Court with a misdemeanor violation. Keene, Gonzales, and Hardisty are not in custody and their bail is set at $1,000, online court records show.

“The warrants are known as an ‘indirect contempt of court,’” Denney said.

The prospective jurors were contacted by telephone and by email, so they were aware of the court dates, Denney said.

Denney said this was the first time in his judicial career he personally filed warrants for failure to show up for jury duty. The three prospective jurors missed three trials that were set for March and April, he said. After missing the third trial on April 6, Denney had Court Clerk Caroline Weaver call saying Denney wanted to see them on April 8 in his courtroom.

Four prospective jurors showed up and presented valid reasons and were excused, he said. A fifth prospective juror was also excused, he said.

The prospective jurors are entitled to a trial and will have a chance to present their evidence, he said. If convicted they can face up to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine, Denney said.