Oklahoma churches team up to keep their community safe

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GROVE, Okla. — Security teams and pastors from churches all throughout northeast Oklahoma are learning tactics to keep everyone safe in an emergency.

Bill Kumpe, Director of the Oklahoma Church Security Association, says, “We live in a very difficult time these days. Everybody knows at least about the church shootings and they are tragic. They are still fairly rare but they are happening more often.”

So, as a preventative measure, participants are working through real life scenarios and performing hands-on activities to improve their response skills, just in case a dangerous situation were to arise during a church service.

Kumpe adds, “It’s very common to have domestic disputes that spill over into the church, it’s very common to have neighborhood problems that spill over into the church, it’s very common to have violence around the church.”

The event was held at Grove’s First Baptist Church on Saturday.

One of the church’s security members, David Roberts, says his team takes special precautions to ensure everyone’s safety.

Roberts says, “It does make you aware; the best thing we can do is be prepared. We look at it as a ministry, as an opportunity to provide a safe and secure shelter in a world that doesn’t have a lot of those today.”

Roberts adds he took a lot away from the program.

“Any time you can engage people in participating activities and practice, what you learn makes it more meaningful,” says Roberts.

Kumpe encourages other congregations to reach out the Oklahoma Church Security Association if they believe they could benefit from their services.

The seminar was free for all who attended.

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