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Noel’s post office is celebrating an annual Christmas tradition.

“It’s not just the United States that knows about it, they have envelopes that come from all over the world and all the other countries,” said Sandra Newburn, Noel Resident. “Like China, Japan, all the other countries send their envelopes through here usually every year for that little stamp they put on there.”

Decades ago, Noel’s postmaster came up with the idea of creating a festive postmark to put on cards and letters during the holiday season.

Since the idea sparked in the late 40s and 50s, the post office has received thousands of Christmas cards.

“Oh, I love them,” said Jo Ann Eberlly, Noel resident. “All and all so, and my family that I send them to really love to see them on their envelopes when they get them and everything. I have family in Oklahoma and some in Missouri, and friends in Missouri I send to normally.”

“I have never stamped the cards, so, but I’s a great thing for the city all and all,” Eberlly said. “It’s what they’re famous for every year.”

People from all over the world sends cards to receive the special stamp.

Since then, Noel has been known as the “Christmas city” in Missouri.

“Yeah, it’s always been a really neat thing to know that we were considered the Christmas City with all the lights and everything,” Newburn said. “There’s so many people that used to come here from all over the place just to see the town, it was super neat.”

“Whenever I was growing up, we’ve always had a Christmas parade and when I was young all through school the parade–it was always in the evening time for the lights and stuff–and it was so super cold, but we were always proud to be a part of the parade and be a part of our town.”

If you would like to have your cards and letters stamped with the Noel postmarks, package up your Christmas cards and address them to “Postmaster Noel, Missouri 64854.”

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